Meet Olga Bogdanova

Meet Olga Bogdanova

Olga Bogdanova was born in south Russia in 1980. In 2005, she graduated from Rostov Art College M.B. Grekov and in 2011 she graduated from the department of textile of the Saint Petersburg Stieglitz State Academy of Art and Design. 

As a member of the Union of Artists of Russia she took part in numerous exhibitions in St. Petersburg, Moscow, and other cities of Russia. Since 2018, she lives and works in France.

“I am an artist from birth. I did not choose this profession - the profession chose me. All my life I have been “playing with reality”, I do not draw, but “collect” landscapes from coloured spots and lines. In portraits, I do not paint faces, but convey emotions. I find something interesting in ordinary moments of life and translate it onto the plane in the form of a picture. My work is essentially centred around painting, graphics, batik, weaving and ceramics.

In search of my style, I realized that I could not move in only one direction and I divided all my work under two different names. As Olga Bogdanova, I show landscapes and classical portraits that are understandable to most people, and under the name Olga Rocher I allow myself to create without boundaries: I paint my fears and love, causing admiration or rejection. My landscapes do not interfere with my searches in contemporary art, and my “terrible” works do not frighten fans of my landscapes. 

I have a creative split personality and I am happy to be in harmony with myself.”

The last exhibitions:

  • Personal exhibition in Gallery EDNH “Dédoublement de la personnalité” (Paris, France) 2020
  • Collective exhibition in Gallery EDNH “Ombre et Lumière” (Paris, France) 2020
  • The Derwent Art Price The Gallery@OXO (London,UK) 2020
  • Personal exhibition in Gallery “le Goût du beau” (Herblay, France) 2020
  • Personal exhibition In Gallery Thy Than (Saint Prix, France) 2019
  • Exposition Panic “La Post gallery» (Paris, France) 2019
  • Personal exhibition in La Galerie (Herblay, France) 2019
  • Personal exhibition in Gallery de la Fontaine (Saint Prix, France) 2018
  • International exhibition (Art shopping  Paris, France) 2018
  • Participation in a permanent exhibition, Summer Garden (St. Petersburg, Russia) 2017
  • International exhibition (Lithuania, Birštonas) 2016
  • "Autumn" Union of Artists of Russia (St. Petersburg, Russia) 2016
  • "The largest number outdoors in St. Petersburg" participant (St. Petersburg, Russia) 2015
  • "Autumn" Union of Artists of Russia (St. Petersburg, Russia) 2015
  • "My Petersburg" Personal Exhibition, Coffee House, Summer Garden (St. Petersburg, Russia) 2015
  • "Decorative Landscape" Creative Union of IFA Artists (St. Petersburg, Russia) 2015
  • "Silence" Personal exhibition, gallery "Kit" (St. Petersburg, Russia) 2015

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