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Who can sell on Art Evince?


Why sell on Art Evince?

Opening a Shop: Step-by-Step Guide



Earnings: How and when will I be paid?

Further information?

Who can sell on Art Evince?

Anyone can sell on Art Evince, provided they are over 18 and are able to identify themselves by providing:

  1. A photo of their ID document (National ID card, driving license, or passport)
  2. A photo of themselves holding their ID.

Please ensure that these image files are in JPG or PNG format.

IMPORTANT: If you are applying as an Art Gallery, please provide an ID of the person who will be in charge of managing your Shop, updating artwork listings, setting up shipping prices and order fulfilment.

The reason for this identity verification is to prevent fraudulent identity abuse when utilising our services.


Art Evince is a marketplace for original artworks, hand-made limited-edition prints and fine art limited prints of paintings, collages, and drawings. If your artwork falls into one or more of the following categories, then you may sell on Art Evince.

  • Paintings
    • Oil Paintings
    • Acrylic Paintings
    • Watercolour Paintings
    • Collage Paintings
    • Gouache Paintings
    • Glass Paintings
    • Fresco
    • Sand Paintings
    • Spray Paintings
    • Encaustic Paintings
    • Tempera Paintings
    • Miniature Paintings
    • Graffiti Paintings
    • Panorama Paintings
    • Perspective Paintings
    • Trompe-l'Œil Paintings
    • Other Paintings
  • Photography
    • Colour Photography
    • Black & White Photography
    • Manipulated Photography
    • Other Photography
  • Drawings
    • Ink Drawings
    • Pastel Drawings
    • Pencil Drawings
    • Charcoal Drawings
    • Coloured Pencil Drawings
    • Ball Point Pen Art
    • Other Drawings
  • Collage
    • Mixed-Media Collages
    • Figurative Collages
    • Paper Collages
    • Abstract Collages
    • Other Collages
  • Printmaking
    • Linocuts
    • Screenprints
    • Etchings / Engravings
    • Monoprint
    • Lithographs
    • Collagraphs
    • Woodcuts
    • Other Printmaking
  • Digital Art (Artworks which have been created digitally)
    • Giclée
    • C-Type
    • Other Digital Art
  • Sculpture
    • Bronze Sculptures
    • Mixed-Media Sculptures
    • Relief Sculptures
    • Clay Sculptures
    • Wood Sculptures
    • Stone Sculptures
    • Other Sculptures
  • Prints
    • Fine Art Paper Prints
    • Photo Paper Prints
    • Canvas Prints


  • Abstract
  • Cartoon
  • Expressive
  • Geometric
  • Gestural
  • Graphic
  • Illustrative
  • Impressionistic
  • Naive
  • Photorealistic
  • Surrealistic
  • Typographic
  • Unspecified
  • Urban and Pop

The styles are generic and predetermined. If you feel other styles should be added, please let us know by opening a ticket (


  • Abstract and non-figurative
  • Animals and birds
  • Architecture and cityscapes
  • Flowers and plants
  • Landscapes, sea and sky
  • Nudes and erotic
  • People and portraits
  • Still life
  • Transportation and maps

The subjects are generic and predetermined. If you feel other subjects should be added, please let us know by opening a ticket (

IMPORTANT: Any listing that does not meet our guidelines may be removed at our discretion and we may exercise our right to limit, suspend, deactivate, or cancel the seller's account. Please read our Terms and Conditions for more information and other requirements for listing your artworks on Art Evince.

What countries are allowed?

You can sell your artworks from any country in the world, but you are required to comply with the rules and regulations of your country in respect of the shipping documentation and the payment details.

There are, however, certain countries that cannot accept returned artworks and thus are considered restricted. Even if you live in a country from the Restricted Countries list, you can sell your artworks on Art Evince, provided you are able to provide a return address from a country which is not in that list.


While it is 100% free to register and list your artworks on Art Evince, we deduct 25% every time an artwork is sold on our platform. We mainly reinvest it in online and offline marketing campaigns, free of charge returns and website development.

It is extremely easy to know how much you will earn. You only have to type your price, then our calculator automatically displays the amount you will earn. We do not charge commission on shipping.

Why sell on Art Evince?

  • Open to everyone. The only requirement is to be over 18. While our competitors apply arbitrary selection procedures, we invite everyone to join Art Evince.
  • Young and dynamic platform!
  • All the tools artists need to promote themselves are here. Every artist can open their own Shop, follow each other, communicate through our Internal Messaging System etc.
  • Art Evince is based in London and has ties with the most prestigious art galleries in London and abroad.
  • 25% commission. While our competitors charge over 33% in commission fees, we apply only 25%, in order to maintain our platform to the highest standards and promote our artists globally.
  • As we anticipate to grow our artist base in the next 3 years to over 10000 members, now it is the best time to join. You will benefit from our heavily targeted marketing campaigns worldwide.
  • Join us today!

Opening a Shop: Step-by-Step Guide

Open an account

It is extremely simple to register an account at Art Evince. The only requirement is to be over 18. You have 4 options: 

  • Register with your Facebook account
  • Register with your Google account
  • Register with your VK account
  • Register with your e-mail address

If you register with your Facebook, Google or VK accounts, you agree to share your name, e-mail address and photo with Art Evince. If you register with your e-mail, you have to provide your name and e-mail address.

If you register with your e-mail, upon the creation of an account, an activation e-mail is sent to the address used to create the account. You should click on the link "Confirm your account", then the following message will appear on your screen "Your email address has been successfully confirmed!".

Open your shop

Once you have registered and confirmed your account, you can open your shop. Simply click on the Sell Now button (top right corner), insert your details and then your Shop Opening request will be sent to us.

Please allow us 1-3 business days to process your request. In order to prevent fraudulent identity abuse when utilising our services, we will ask that you identify yourself. We will send you an e-mail in this respect. You will have to provide: 

  1. A photo of your ID document (National ID card, driving license, or passport)
  2. A photo of yourself holding your ID.

Please ensure that these image files are in JPG or PNG format.

If you are applying as an Art Gallery, please provide an ID of the person who will be in charge of managing your Shop, updating artwork listings, setting up shipping prices and order fulfilment.

If you are from one of the following countries, you will need to provide an alternative Returns Address from a country that is not on this list, maybe that of a friend or family member. The reason is that these countries do not accept returned artworks. So, in case a customer will request a return for the artwork they have purchased, it will be sent to your Returns Address. 

Restricted Countries List

  • Azerbaijan
  • Belarus
  • Iran
  • Kazakhstan
  • Russia
  • Serbia
  • Syria
  • Ukraine

Listing your artworks

When your shop opening is approved, you will get a confirmation e-mail. Then you can start listing your artworks. Just click on the Sell Now button (top right corner).

  • Upload photos of your artwork either through Drag and drop or through Browse Files options. It is recommended to upload high quality photos.
  • Choose a title for your artwork
  • Select a category
  • Add a thorough description, including tags and any other relevant information. The more complete the description, the easier it will be for our customers to find your artwork. The Art Evince search engine is permanently indexing any text content, so the customers get the best search results any time. 
  • Click on Save and Continue 

  • Choose the condition of the artwork: Unframed or Framed and ready to hang
  • Add the number of artworks available.
  • Select the Style
  • Select the Subject
  • Insert the year the artwork was created
  • Insert the size
  • Specify if the artwork is signed or not
  • Type the price. Add a discount if you wish to. You will automatically see the amount you will earn once a purchase is made.

  • Then you have to select the shipping type, shipping time and insert the price. Please read more about shipping. There are 3 types of shipping options on Art Evince:
    • Free shipping
    • Shipping included
    • Buyer pays

  • Select the location the artwork will be shipped from. Please read this if you are sending from a restricted country.
  • Then, if you agree to the Terms and Conditions, click on Submit (You can save it as a Draft and submit it later).

  • You have the possibility to promote your artwork. Promoted artworks will have the Featured badge, they will be displayed on the Art Evince homepage and they will appear first in the search results. If you choose not to promote your artwork, just click on Free Plan, then click on Submit.
  • Now your artwork will be submitted for approval. The approval usually takes less than an hour.
  • Once approved, your artwork will be displayed publicly worldwide.

Please note that your Shop and your listings must comply with our Terms and Conditions. In case we find non-compliant shops or listings, we may exercise our discretion to limit, suspend, deactivate or cancel the seller’s account.


When you receive an order, you have two options: you confirm the order, or you cancel the order. If your artwork is still available for sale, you should confirm the order. If not, you have to cancel the order.

Order confirmation

When you have a sale on Art Evince, please send a confirmation message to the Buyer. Please use the Internal Messaging System. Always conduct transactions and communicate on Art Evince. After confirming the order, you will have seven (7) days to ship the artwork.

Example of Order Confirmation Message:

Hello [Buyer’s Name]. This is to confirm that the Order # [Order Number] has been received. I will ship the artwork within 7 days, and I will update the Tracking number and Tracking URL on the Order details page. Thank you.

Recommendation: Please send a message to Art Evince as soon as you have received an order. 

Always follow up with the customer after a purchase has gone through. This will increase trust in you and also ensure that no damage has been incurred during the course of delivery.

Update the tracking information

  • You can View and Print the invoice.

  • You can Add a tracking number (Tracking number / URL) or Update the Order Status (Processing / Shipping / Payment received).

  • When you update the order status as Shipped, the buyer will receive an e-mail confirming the Shipped status of the order.
  • After the buyer confirms that the order has been received, you will see the following message on your order sheet (Approved).

Then you will be able to see your Earnings at and request a Payout at

IMPORTANT: As a security measure to protect all sellers, we review potentially higher-risk orders. If the transaction seems suspicious, we will inform the artist straight away and ask them not to ship or deliver the artwork associated with this order.

Cancelling an order

In case you cannot fulfil the order, please open a ticket at to request the cancellation of the order. We will then cancel the order and refund the buyer. As Art Evince has an exceptionally good reputation in the eyes of art collectors, please keep your Shop up to date, and remove the artworks that are unavailable. If you abuse the cancellation procedure, your Shop may be closed for lack of seriousness.


There are 3 types of shipping options on Art Evince:

  • Free shipping
  • Shipping included
  • Buyer pays (It is recommended artists add an international shipping cost including the Delivery Duty Paid in order to cover all their shipping expenses).

Artists have to fulfil all orders themselves. After confirming the order, the artist has 7 days to ship the artwork. As a seller, the artist has to pay for the initial outbound shipping. Customers are charged the shipping amount indicated in a seller's shipping profile. This amount is then passed on to sellers when the order is paid out.

Only artworks that are ready to be shipped as soon as possible should be listed on Art Evince, as this is the promise we make to our customers.

Duties and Taxes

Duties are only applied on shipments from one continent to another. It is highly recommended that artists ship their artworks Delivery Duty Paid and allocate additional funds for this in their Shipping Prices. The reason is usually customers get very frustrated when their artwork reaches Customs in their country and they receive a letter asking them to pay additional fees!


All artworks should be sent via a fully traceable and insured method of shipment. As already mentioned, for artworks being shipped internationally, a service should be used which supports sending packages Delivery Duty Paid, and this option should be selected to ensure that all duty and import tax is billed back to the sender. All information declared in any accompanying paperwork should be complete and truthful, including the value and purpose of the shipment.


Art Evince will pay for and arrange the return of all artworks under our 7-day returns guarantee by customers who have changed their mind. In other words, that means Art Evince will arrange for the artwork to be picked up and delivered back to you (regardless of the customer's reason for return) at no cost to you.

We ask for all artworks returned by customers to be prepared in their original packaging for the return journey and will accept no liability for damage sustained on the return leg by artworks not packed in line with these guidelines. For editioned artworks subject to return requests, we reserve the right to offer replacement printing costs in lieu of arranging return shipment.


Art Evince will reimburse outbound shipping costs, up to the amount originally paid by the customer, provided that the customer's reason for return is that they changed their mind. If your artwork is returned because the customer has changed their mind, please reach out to our team, by opening a ticket at to request the initial shipping cost reimbursement and provide us with a shipping receipt.

We will unfortunately not be able to offer reimbursement if the reason for the return is that the artwork arrived damaged or was misrepresented on the site. However, we will provide any transactional information, as necessary, to help you file a claim with your courier.

IMPORTANT: Art Evince is not responsible for any currency conversion differences that may result in a reversed payment.

Earnings: How and when will I be paid?

Set Payout account

First, you have to set out a Payout account. You can choose between two options: a PayPal account, or a Bank account ( Please note that we are unable to process payments to sellers who have not filled in their payment details in the payment section of their Art Evince profile.


After the artwork has been delivered and the Buyer has confirmed that the order has been received, you will see the amount of your sale on the Earnings page ( The payment will be made 7 days after the Buyer has confirmed that the order has been received

Payouts / Payments

After the delivery of the artwork has been confirmed, you can request the Payout / Payment on the Payouts page ( The payment will be made 7 days after the Buyer has confirmed that the order has been received. Funds are transferred twice a month: on the first and third Thursday. Please keep your payment settings up to date (PayPal or Bank account details).

The minimum Payout amount for PayPal is £25 and for the bank transfers is £50. If your balance is lower than these amounts, you can withdraw the money only if you choose to close your shop. Otherwise, we will transfer your money once the minimum balance is attained.

Should you wish to close your shop, please contact us by opening a ticket at 

Once again, please note that we will proceed to the Payout only 7 days after the delivery of the artwork has been confirmed. In case the tracking number is incorrect, or the tracking information has not been updated, we will get the right information and wait the confirmation of the delivery. Only then the funds will be paid out to the seller/artist.

Further information?

For more information about how to customise your profile and about other useful tips, please visit the Buyer's Guide at

If you have any questions, please open a ticket at or by post to:

Art Evince Ltd
16 Electric Parade, Seven Kings Road
IG3 8BY, London
United Kingdom