Meet Stefano Di Lorito

Meet Stefano Di Lorito

Stefano Di Lorito was born in Genoa (Italy) on the 31th December 1963.

For over 25 years he has been involved in illustration, graphics and painting, as well as being committed to literature and mainly poetry.

His paintings are part of private collections in Italy, France, Great Britain and Spain.

The artist’s pictorial route develops through different formalisms ranging from figuration to abstractionism, recognizable in distinct streams any of which holds specific reflections over life, society, culture and art itself.

The leading motive in all his work is the analysis of the intercurrent connection between subject and object, between idealism and materialism, between reality and surreality.

He himself considers his approach to art as "TRANS-METAPHYSICAL".

Stefano Di Lorito’s favourite technique is oil on canvas as well as experimenting other materials.

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