Meet Ferenc S. Miko

Meet Ferenc S. Miko

Please meet Ferenc S. Miko, a Featured artist on Art Evince.

"I am a Hungarian painter. I have participated in several art courses and creative camps when I was a child, owing to my excellent drawing skills, although I always chose the unusual, strongly characteristic imagery, it was not always popular.  I believe that in arts the most important is the originality and unlimited freedom, regardless of styles and expectations. 

At the turn of the millennium, I was able to meet famous Hungarian contemporary painters as friends, and suddenly I could learn the mysteries of oil painting. Then I developed myself as an autodidact. I think I will continue this study the rest of my life. It is not easy to define my painting style, but it is definitely unique. I deeply respect the great painters of the previous centuries, as they have an effect on my paintings, and at the same time the thousands of modern artistic influences give the final result. 

Being a lover of nature, during this period I painted exclusively landscapes. The beauty of the nature always enchants me. I sold my paintings at local galleries and I was able to take part in exhibitions. Then I moved to Scotland and I focused on my family, so I haven’t painted for seven years. But this break was great as I replenished with energy. 

I started with landscapes again “The Window” it is a great painting; it fully expresses my artistic aspirations. ”Riverside”, ”Colorful stairs”.  “Life” etc. A year ago I started painting portraits and I realised this is the path assigned to me. 

My portrait paintings are “Girl with butterfly”. ”Sightless girl” it has a novel approach, ”Girl with snail” very impressive, “Dewdrops” etc. And my paintings with deeper content “Scapegoat”, “Hungry eyes” five versions, “Possession”, ”Witches” etc.  The magical beauty of female face and body inspires me. They provide impressively varied themes, both formally and in colours. Currently I work on several portraits. I am an unquenchable creator. The repository of my fantasy is inexhaustible, although in addition to my work I have little time for painting, so my big dream is an artistic career."

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