Meet Liverios Petridis

Meet Liverios Petridis

Please meet Liverios Petridis, a Featured artist on Art Evince.

"I am self-taught, I like to experiment, study and apply techniques of other painters. I mainly paint landscapes, but also portraits. I am a retired journalist and I live in a seaside village of Kefalonia in Greece."

A few words about me from friends: 

“The authenticity of the result shows a soul that pulsates and expresses itself sincerely and radiates with maximum energy, its feeling from nature, with its works. Liberius, in his new capacity, has the ability to reveal to us, so convincingly, the magic of nature and its beauty, in all its Divine majesty.”

- Efi Athanassiou, painter, art historian, member of the international critics' association AICA and its Greek section.

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