N° 07 (Série: Lifelines)

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The works in this series, focus on the trace left by the impact due travel that composes a life, during all these years.
His works also reveal the complexity of relationships between individuals, by social strata.
These (our lives, our traces) intersect, divide but never mix them.
Concrete example:
the lines of 1.7 cm do not cross, bind, only with lines of the same dimension, in the same space, yet they cross other lines (above or below). But stay at their levels.
The poetry of this ballet therefore highlights union but also materializes the complexity of our life paths mixing with those of others, creating great incomprehensible and confused chaos

Style Geometric
Subject Abstract and non-figurative
Year created 2019
Size (L x W x H) (cm / inches) 103.5 x 77.7 cm
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Location France, Metropolitan

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