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In these times when everything is digitized, Stéphane PONTIé, contemporary painter, works painting as a fundamental component of representation. PONTIé continues to take advantage of the high graphical potential of this medium by using all his "traditional" mechanics. "At first, I painted a mixed of geometric and colorful shapes, and that's it. To want a field of expression clear and simple to realize and understand and by affinity for the angular forms, I finally banished all the curves of my work. I decided to codify these geometric shapes, depending on their use. I use angular geometric figures for replacing the figurative form of the people: - One geometric shape = one person. - One line (straight or broken) = the trajectory of one life, a path of someone. This is how i created my universe by the invention of a new graphical syntax. I decided to give a thickness to the lines, because I wanted to use the graphic representation of the line, to symbolize a trajectory, a life, a path ... And the question of the thickness of the line is asked. It seemed logical then to use numbers with "this strange alphabet" of geometric shapes, to obtain a complete and coherent linguistic base ... and to solve problems of thickness of lines. Watching my phone keypad, i immediately saw 3 numbers appeared in all these numbers. The 1, 4 and 7 because there are only "no curves". I push the "concept of angulosity" even further, and I use these numvers to create the geometric figures themselves and the thicknesses of the lines. And finally, i push the limits of my concept even further, since i use these three numbers to compose everything. Up to the size of the frames of my paintings: Example 77 x 77 or 117 x 77.

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