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A nomadic artist and unclassifiable, René Georges is a person out of range. World traveller, lover of the essence of nature and everything that vibrates, he enters in a new spiritual dimension that matches in the age of Aquarius, freshly started in our time. It's in the silence that he accesses through his soul to the world of creators who experiment and discover the beauty, the wonderful. Flows out from there the free and creative energy filling his blank canvas - Inspired by I don’t know where from he always says. There is no pattern. There is what comes of itself. He then is amazed himself, full of gratitude and happiness. His friends like telling him. What you paint comes from other planets. To work in freedom and lightness, to listen to his inner being, what a happiness! It is pure adventure. Let the creative energy flow through your fingers slightly to the end of the brush belongs to the destiny of the genie. Listening to the silence and harmonious music helps him to connect with his soul. You're again completely somewhere else, says his wife. Joy, positive mind and beauty are his commands.

Member since 22 May 2021 LES CROISETTES, 2 SUXY 6812, Wallonia, Belgium