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I was born in England in 1966, the first of three brothers, and I grew up and did my training as a chef in this beautiful country. L arrived in Switzerland in 1991 when I married Anne and we have three grown up daughters. Self-taught I have never followed any painting courses; in fact, it was at the age of 45 that I discovered the world of art in a psychiatric hospital after a nervous breakdown. They encouraged me to take up an activity in occupational therapy. Never before did I imagine that one day, I might start painting, but that one day I took a paint brush in my hand with some paint and it was at that exact moment that abstract painting became a way of me expressing myself that I was unable to do verbally. Most of my artwork comes from deep within my gut rather than my head, different feelings, emotions, and frustrations which are then converted into various colours, different mediums, and strokes on my canvas. I like to incorporate different recycled materials into my work that I collect from the recycling centre, plaster, sand, tar, metals, paint…. And then I disconnect and let my emotions take over. At the end, when a person is stopped in their tracks in front of one of my paintings and they begin their own journey into it then I am happy. I hope that as you discover my universe that it might wake up something inside of you.

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