Sherezade Morales

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Compositions imbued with symbolism. I would like to show a subtle level of energies, feelings and emotions. The strength of sensuality takes center stage in my paintings, as it is a source of love and sensitivity ”. The work arises from my Canarian identity. Lanzarote, the island where I was born; there converges feelings and desires to show my origins. "Canarian neo-indigenism" was the term that some art historians and critics hold to name my work. Lines, strokes and similarities in tonality converge to unconsciously shape pieces from the indigenous artists of the past. Reinventing an art that has gone into decline, making my roots known through my own character that takes the islands as its inspiration. I feel that this artistic critique evolves to praise in a pure state the Canarian woman. Her nudity, the saltpetre on her skin, the volcanoes… With delicate lines and shapes, that go between the abstract and the surreal is at last interpreted by the figurative in multiple close-ups from the femenine body. This whole vision I extrapole to the women in this XXI century, absorbed in a world of images and influential speeches. Through my work I try to offer new tools to rethink our own reality by observing and questioning everything around. Both nudity and sexual openness are still offensive to some. To depict myself in different states of nudity and seeing myself powerful, sensual and emotional are very empowering feelings. I own my body, I own my sexuality and I live it in full. I represent an archetype of the female body from which women see and are seen from different contexts and conventionalisms. We ourselves are part of a self-regulation in which the cultural imaginaries of our own context are immersed, and at the same time certain guidelines are generated that determine who can look at those bodies and under what contexts. The result is a highly formalized and conventionalized cultural construction. I use a personal technique that I have been perfecting these past years. Oil portraits are large and I prefer heavy layers of paint, where they overlap each other. My work is marked by a quick, dynamic and instinctive brushstroke. Color contrasts are always intense. I pass with great ease from self-portrait to abstract art where I always follow a line of insinuation in the forms and tonality. In my adolescence I was influenced by Modigliani. After giving birth I found in abstract painting a way that allowed me to connect with my spiritual essence. César Manrique’s work always inspired me. Him and Lanzarote, my volcanic island filled with contrasts, helped me create a strong abstract painting. In 2016 I started to exhibit my work at the Círculo de Bellas Artes de Santa Cruz de Tenerife. Now I am 36 years old and in a turning point at my work where I pay more attention to detail, without losing the spontaneity that my roots give me.

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